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Services offered to those who have residence, citizenship or income abroad:

The only option to buy a house in Italy with a mortgage, is to request it from an Italian bank.
No foreign bank, except in very rare cases, can finance a purchase in Italy.
There are no problems, however, for those who, even with foreign residence and/or citizenship, have stable incomes in Italy
The bank’s assessment adopts the same principles as an Italian citizen who lives and works in Italy.
In this case, however, it will be also evaluated the length of residence which, for foreigners, is usually two years.

The matter becomes more difficult when the income comes from work activities carried out abroad: both for Italian citizens (in this case registration with the A.I.R.E. – Italian Association of Residents Abroad is required), and for EU or non-EU citizens.

Only a few banks accept mortgage applications from people who produce income abroad.
Furthermore, the analysis carried out by the bank focuses not only on the amount of income produced, but also on the type of work performed.
Those with income as an employee have a much better chance of obtaining a mortgage than those with a self-employed business.

This is of course one more reason to rely on a consultant who can direct the request to a bank that allows this type of operation.

In recent years I have provided advice to American, Russian, Dutch and French clients who have purchased a property in Italy. Without it, they would hardly have been able to complete the operation.

If you are interested, write me an email, also in English, and you will be contacted to evaluate the possibilities and conditions offered.